Create Basic Cross-Sell

Step 1: Create new offer

Click on the Label: Create New on the Menu bar.

Step 2: Choose your Objective

Choose Basic Cross-sell


Step 3: Choose your Trigger location

Choose where and when the popups appear on your customer buying journey


* Trigger Add-to-cart: Pop-ups will appear when customers click on Add-to-cart button

* Trigger Before Checkout: Pop-ups will appear when customers click on Checkout button

* Trigger After Checkout (coming soon): Pop-ups will appear when customers click on Confirm-Payment button

Step 4: Set up a sale offer

Setup promotion, date range, message,... for your Cross-sell Offer:


- Basic info

* Offer’s name

Name the offer in your way to distinguish other offers.

*Note: Offer's name will not be shown to your store's customers.

* Group name (optional)

At group name, you can create a new group for your offer or move your offer to an existed group

*Note: a Group can have many offers for the purpose of managing and classifying more efficiently.

- Select product

We provide 2 Cross-sell techniques for you to implement:

* Normal Cross-sell: Allows you to implement cross-selling on each product separately

* Bundled Cross-sell: Allows you to implement cross-selling within a product package

a. Normal Cross-sell

Trigger Product is A price 10$

Offer Product is B price 5$, C price 15$, D price 9$

When customers buy A, they will receive a popup Cross-sell offer that they have a chance to buy B or C or D right now with a fair price.

Then they decide to take the offer with B, the product B will be added to cart along with the product A.


* Trigger Product

When customers choose to buy these products, it will activate your Offers. The left-side is where you can choose the products. On the right is a list of products you have selected. You can select as many Trigger products as you like.


* Offer Product

These are the products will be in the Cross-sell Offer, which will be added to cart along with the trigger products. You can select more than one Offer products if you like.

In the detailed setting, after choosing the product(s) on the Left-side, you can customize the variations, which was set up on your store, for your products in the Right-side.


b. Bundled Cross-sell

Bundled Cross-sell case example:

You want to sell a bundled that have 3 products: A, B and C.

Trigger Product is A

Bundled Product include A + B + C

When customers buy A, they will receive a popup Bundled Cross-sell offer that they should buy a bundled include A + B + C instead of just A.

Then they decide to take the offer, the product B and C will be added to cart along with the product A.


* Product Bundled

If you use Bundled Cross-sell, you have to choose which of your products in the bundle is/are the trigger product(s). You can choose all the products if you want.


- Discount setting

This is where you select the appropriate Discount method for the Cross-sell Offer that you have created to attract customers.

With the Discount feature, you will have 2 ways to Set a discount:

Percentage: Discount by % of original product price

Fixed amount: Discount by a certain amount of $


With Discount option, you can set up:

Expired Date: The date when your offer will be inactive

Maximum use: The maximum that popup is viewed

- Display setting


* Headline

A headline helps you to make your customers pay attention at your unique Offers. In the example above, the default title is "Limited time offer!"

* Description

The description helps you to persuade customers or describe in more detail the offer that you make. In the example above, the default description is "Add these Items and Saves".

* Popup Template

To attract more attention to the popup from your customers, you can change the template for your popup.

* Show ... product at a time

You can present up to 3 Offer products in your Pop-up. Let's continuously do A/B testing to find the most suitable option.

Step 5: Test popup

After completing the offer settings, you should test your offer by experience it yourself on your Store, this will help you have a better understanding to optimize your customer experience. Therefore, grow-hack your Conversion rate.