Create Offer with Boost

Step 1: Create new offer

Click on the Label: Create New on the Menu bar.

Step 2: Choose your Objective

Choose Upsell with boost or Cross-sell with boost


Step 3: Choose your Trigger location

Choose where and when the popups appear on your customer buying journey


* Trigger Add-to-cart: Pop-ups will appear when customers click on Add-to-cart button

* Trigger Before Checkout: Pop-ups will appear when customers click on Checkout button

* Trigger After Checkout (coming soon): Pop-ups will appear when customers click on Confirm-Payment button

Step 4: Set up a sale offer


You can choose to add up to 3 Boosters to your Offer.

*Tip: You can do A/B testing to define the most suitable option for your customers, thereby rocket your conversion rate

* Countdown Timer: Display a time limit effect (countdown to 0 for the promotion time)


* Countdown Cart: Display a limit effect on the number of items (only x remaining left)


* Traffic Boost: Give a condition of sharing on Facebook to receive your special Offer


Step 5: Set up a booster offer


After apply the Boosters for your Offers, you can customize the booster


With the Default option, the Booster setting will be applied to all of your Offer products


With the Customize option, you can setup your Booster option one by one

Step 6: Test popup

After completing the offer settings, you should test your offer by experience it yourself on your Store, this will help you have a better understanding to optimize your customer experience. Therefore, grow-hack your Conversion rate.